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Debt Collection

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If you owe money on a loan, purchase, credit card, medical bill, or similar expenditure and are late in payment, a debt collector may contact you in an effort to collect what you owe. While debt collectors have a legal right to collect payment from you, they are bound to numerous rules of conduct. If they break these rules, you have the legal right to file a consumer fraud lawsuit against the debt collector.

According to statistics from the Federal Trade Commission, violation of debt collection laws remains problematic despite consumer protection laws. In fact, over 66,000 consumers filed complaints for unlawful debt collection practices in 2005 alone. To learn what constitutes a debt collection violation, please see our section on what a debt collector can and cannot do.

If you feel you have been the victim of unfair debt collection practices, seeking the early advice of a qualified consumer fraud attorney is the best way to protect your legal rights. Please contact us to learn more about your legal rights and options regarding a consumer fraud lawsuit.

A consumer fraud lawsuit can help you fight back against unfair debt collectors.

Federal laws allow consumers who have been affected by unfair debt collection practices to file a lawsuit against the collector. Through a consumer fraud lawsuit, the consumer can recover their actual damages, statutory damages (up to $1,000 more than the damages actually suffered), court costs, and attorney fees. Typically, a consumer fraud lawsuit must be filed within one year of the violation in either state or federal court.

A group of consumers who have been similarly aggrieved due to unlawful debt collection practices may file a class action consumer fraud lawsuit. Through this type of lawsuit, up to $500,000 in damages or one percent of the collector's net worth may be recovered, whichever is less.

If you have any problems with a debt collector, it is wise to seek the legal help of a qualified attorney. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and/or your state's office of the Attorney General.

Please contact us to speak with a qualified and experienced consumer advocate to learn more about your legal rights and options. Our qualified consumer fraud lawyers can answer your questions and evaluate your claim to determine how best to protect your interests. While you cannot magically make your debt disappear, you may be able to stop harassing or unfair debt collectors and receive money for your damages.