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Wage and Hour Litigation

Today's competitive job market gives employers more flexibility when it comes to hiring. But, because there are so many people looking for jobs, many employees find themselves "stuck" in unideal situations. Many employers have the attitude that their employees should feel lucky to have a job so they end up taking advantage of their time and making them perform duties that aren't in their job descriptions.

Our consumer fraud lawyers help protect workers from exploitation or abuse in the workplace. We handle cases involving wage and hour issues, including (but not limited to):

  • Failure to pay overtime
  • Failure to allow workers to take required breaks
  • Expanding workers' responsibilities to include performing duties outside of their job descriptions without pay
  • Holding mandatory meetings on the weekends or after hours and not paying workers' for their time
  • Failure to give bonuses or conduct performance reviews as outlined in the contract

Federal and State Laws Protect against Exploitation

Federal and state laws have been put in place to protect workers against exploitation. For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which was created in 1938 to protect industrial workers from exploitation, requires employers to pay workers time and a half for hours worked beyond 40-hour work weeks, unless they are on salary.

Despite the law, many employers push the boundaries and work their employees to the bone without paying them extra. This can happen for several reasons. In some cases, managers fail to pay attention or keep track of scheduling. But, in other cases, employers may knowingly take advantage of workers if they think their employees won't know the laws or may be too afraid to do anything about it.

In any event, it is illegal and workers should be paid for their time.

Talk to a Consumer Fraud Lawyer Today

Overtime pay is just one of the many wage and hour issues we deal with. If you believe that you have been taken advantage of by your employer, you shouldn't just let it happen. You can seek help from an experienced consumer fraud lawyer who understands the laws governing wage and hour litigation by contacting us today. You may qualify to join a class action or file your own individual lawsuit.