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Proposed Settlement Reached in Dannon Class Action

According to reports, a proposed settlement has been reached in a Dannon Activia® class action lawsuit regarding misleading health claims of the popular DanActive® and Activia® branded products. The class action lawsuit argues the food manufacturer made false claims about the benefits of these products.

According to the class action lawsuit, Dannon made false claims that Activia® yogurt and DanActive® yogurt have been "clinically proven" to help people's digestive system. Legal professionals argue that unless a clinical study has been conducted, it is misleading to advertise a product in such a way.

Dannon denies the allegations of misleading labeling of its products, but according to reports, the company settled to dodge what could be a long and drawn out litigation process.

Dannon Activia® Yogurt Class Action Lawsuit

The proposed settlement involves a total payout of $35 million, which Dannon reportedly plans to create a fund for. The fund will be used to compensate consumers with legitimate claims (class members), notification costs, costs to administer the settlement and attorney fees, among other things.

People who believe they were mislead by Dannon's claims regarding the products involved in the class action lawsuit are being asked to submit their claims before Oct. 1, 2010. Submissions are being accepted electronically and via snail mail. The settlement hearing is scheduled for June 23, 2010.

(Source: Consumer Affairs)

Ask a Lawyer if You've Been Mislead

If you believe that you have been mislead by a product's packaging or advertising efforts, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages. In some cases such as the Dannon Activia® yogurt class action, consumers can join an existing class against the manufacturer, while in other cases, consumers may have a legitimate individual lawsuit, seeking compensation for any wrongdoing.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to American consumers. If they mislabel their products or partake in another type of deceptive business practice, they should be held accountable. To speak with a consumer fraud lawyer, contact our consumer fraud lawyers today.